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Step On A Crack, written by Jill Byrne


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 Jill Byrne in action!

About Jill's Book..."Step On A Crack"

Jill is thrilled to announce that Step on a Crack is finally available for purchase through www.wheatmark.com.   The book trailer can be viewed here or on YouTube at this address:


Step on a Crack tells the story of a girl who simply wanted her mother's love and acceptance. Instead, Jill grew up under the iron rule of a woman unhappy with her own life and determined to see that her younger daughter would share her shame. Jill learned quickly from her mother how incompetent she was, chastised for the smallest things such as her inability to carry bread home from the neighborhood grocery. So sure of Jill's shortcomings, Frances did all she could to enhance her daughter's appearance in every way possible.

"There are many intriguing memoirs on the market which depict life struggles that generally reveal extreme circumstances", said editor Tracy Robert of Newport Beach, CA. "Jill’s story is different. Readers will identify closely with a life which appeared typical on the outside."

Jill did a live radio interview on the web on Feb. 21, 2010.  To hear more, click here:

Live Radio Interview


Step on a Crack, a book by author, Jill Byrne

Back Book Cover of Step on a Crack, a book by Jill Byrne


Jill Byrne and her parents, Ada, OK

Step on a Crack is the story of a woman who endured a domineering mother, survived two divorces, and eventually overcame a depression that originated early in her life. Jill readily states, "I was born depressed."  From 1974 to 2001, Jill valiantly maintained an appearance of normalcy as a school psychologist for the Tulsa Public School System. She began therapy in 1969, and over time worked through seven therapists - learning something from each, moving slowly forward year by year.

Friends of Jill ByrneDespite the sadness and struggles, Jill has been able to see humor in the pathos. She is a person who finds herself in absurd situations with "interesting" individuals, and her stories of these encounters provide frequent comic relief in Step on a Crack .

Today, Jill is a successful entrepreneur and an accomplished speaker and writer. By going public with her story, Jill hopes to encourage depression sufferers everywhere (estimates are as high as 44 million Americans today struggle with the illness) that they must never give up. Since Americans live in a society that deifies the medical profession, Jill fears that there are many people accepting the depression diagnosis and a sentence of "medication for life" that they don't deserve. Jill speaks from experience when she says, "There is a way out of the darkness for everyone." It may not be the same path for each. What she learned was that part of the solution is simply showing up – because showing up is part of getting to the answer. Even though Jill's recovery felt spontaneous to her, it took years of hard work and slow progression for her to be receptive to that moment.

Jill Byrne is a 1994 graduate of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process where
she broke out of a lifetime of depression and
became a noted risk taker.

Jill Byrne - Psychologist, Writer, Entrepreneur

In Step on a Crack , Jill challenges her readers to embrace opportunities for change. She advises that they not ignore family of origin issues, for they will shadow them until they are resolved. She notes how to work with the "helping" profession and advises the reader to find another therapist  if the first one is not a good fit.

Jill and her co-author, Mike Ransom (in Rochester, MN), hope that Step on a Crack will encourage those struggling with depression so that they some day have their own moments of integration.

Byrne’s book is available through Wheatmark. Order copies now at www.wheatmark.com,
1-888-934-0888, ext. 100.
ISBN: 978-1-60494-171-5.

"In Step on a Crack, we follow Jill Byrne's astounding journey from the darkness, through decades of courageous attempts to find wholeness, to her ultimate healing, by learning her way out at the Hoffman Process. Jill's memoir is her crowning glory and a testament to the resiliency and beauty of the human spirit."

—Raz Ingrasci, Hoffman Institute Foundation, President & CEO   


"I'm struck and impressed by Byrne's deadpan humor, piercing honesty, and the ability to tell a masterful story that could have easily turned out angry, bitter, or maudlin.  She has a rare talent for storytelling.  Her clear vision of what she endured growing up and how she doggedly worked to heal her inner self will inspire anyone who wonders how people survive in this zany world.

"Byrne's lovely literary voice, combined with the editorial talent of Michael Ransom, leaves you longing to read more.”

—Kathleen Gleeson, co-author with Janusz Bardach of   
Man is Wolf to Man: Surviving Stalin's Gulag and   
Surviving Freedom: After the Gulag


All of us learn from challenges and obstacles. Some people have to go through the ordeal themselves, but some of us can learn from an example from someone else's life.  Jill Byrne gives us a glimpse of her trials and tribulations. Through her experiences, we can begin to learn how to deal with our own.”

—Jim Stovall, author of The Ultimate Gift   


I love your observations of people, their lives and surroundings to the point that you introduced personalities I thought I knew and gave them a depth I was unable to appreciate in real life.  What a gift you have given me and I am catching myself letting go of some pain and anger that I was only able to store in a shallow grave that kept eroding in spite of my being happy and blessed. CCH, Texas


I could not put the book down. It's powerful! Your life journey is inspiring.  And you have a wonderful way with words... I truly felt as I was there with you. TM, Texas


I just finished Step on a Crack last night, and it was a great read!!  It was hard for me to put it down once I started reading it!! Thanks for sharing your journey in this wonderful book so others can benefit from your experiences. BDB, Texas


Seldom have I been drawn into a "case study" so quickly and wholeheartedly. Against overwhelming personal odds, Jill Byrne has been able to survive her upbringing and genetics, leading to a thriving, joyful adulthood.  I celebrate with Jill her victory over depression and her faith in a God who would not give up on her, along with wonderful friends and therapists who stuck by her and let her know how much she is worth.  I also celebrate that she was led to co-author Michael Ransom, who so artfully helped her craft her story.  Courage, determination, faith and the right people at the right time make this an excellent read. CAS, Florida


I can only imagine how this will inspire and bring hope to people who aren't sure they will ever overcome their burdens. SSJ, Arizona


Your story held me from the first page--(Stayed up until midnight to finish it)  thought the way you went back and forth from your suffering to the past was remarkable- and very well done-- I loved your chapter on "all about the appearance" which was sooooo prevelent then-  and as I grew up---  I loved it all---  the way you wrote it-the way you put it together--the way we felt your pain. RSM, Oklahoma


Making it through these experiences has made Jill a strong person and she will be given opportunities to be there for others who are currently facing similar problems.  I am sure her book is already helping many others. NH, Oklahoma


I read your book from start to finish…stopping only to eat and go to bed…I got up early this morning to finish.  Thanks for telling so much about yourself.  I suppose your tale has spawned more email and notes like this….I hope so.  I guess being a bit "crazy" or "weird" is the new "normal"…at least it is for me. Thanks again for your tales. BB, Oklahoma.


For interviews with the author,
contact Byrne at (918) 747.3316 or by email at info@jillbyrne.com

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